Born Athens, Greece.

Lives and works between Kastrosekia, Corfu, Athens and the world.

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2017 Thessaloniki, Greece

2016  Ioannina, Greece

2015 New York

2014 Athens, Greece

2014 Bitola, FYROMacedonia

2013 Athens, Greece

2013 Amfissa, Greece

2013 Athens, Greece

2012 Thessaloniki, Greece

2011 Moscow

2011 Thessaloniki, Greece

2011 Larissa, Greece

2004 London,UK

2005 Athens, Greece

2003 London,UK

2002 Berlin

2002 London,UK

2001 London,UK

2001 Thessaloniki

2001 Zagreb

2000 St.Petersburg

1998 Havana, Cuba

1997 Thessaloniki, Greece

1986 Thessaloniki, Greece

"Home", main exhibition of 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art

"Home", Photometria festival, Ioannina.

"Of Human Bondage'', Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery, NY.

"The minimum structure", 'Romantso' cultural center, Athens.

 Lhi-Lna, Magaza Art Municipality Gallery, FYROMacedonia.

"Casa Amalia" Salon De Vortex, Athens.

"The transparency of sex" , The Old Hospital gallery, Amfissa.

4daysstand Queer Festival exhibition, EMBROS Theatre, Athens.

“Beyond the limits of the Gaze”, CACT, Thessaloniki.

“Intrior-ity”, 4th Moscow Biennale of contemporary Art, Moscow.

“Trafficking” "ActionField Kodra2011" ,Glass Pavilion, Thessaloniki.

'Short Stories', Photography Club of Larissa.Larissa.

‘Brazil , Living Traditions',  Gallery InsideSpace, Selfridges.

‘Women’s Monologues’, CulturalCentre ‘Melina Merkouri, Athens.

 ‘The Rape of Europe’, Luke &A Gallery,  London. 

"FotoBild Berlin 2002", Contemporary Photography Fair, Berlin.

'Yemanja', Touring UK exhibition: Isle of Wight, London, Canterbury.

'Ghost',  Inside Space gallery, London

'Cuba siempre', the Photography Centre of Thessaloniki.

“Woman’s Room - Woman’s View”,ULUPUH, Open Society Link Network 

'7th International Festival of Women's Photography'. 

“10 Greek Photographers”, La Fototeca de Cuba 

'Visions of light and life' ,Thessaloniki.

*B΄ Biennale of Young Designers of European Nations* collection ‘Moscow’, Thessaloniki .










'Home' collaboration project between Nazlı Deniz Oğuz (Ka Atelier) and Photini Papahatzi (Entefixis-Photometria Festival) in the framework of TANDEM Cultural Managers Exchange Turkey ,an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kultur (Istanbul), and supported by Stiftung Mercator (Essen).

'Lhi-Lna' residencies of artistic research and creation in the municipality Novatsi of FYROM and in the Municipality of Almopia, in the framework of Interreg project 'Lhi-Lna' 

Project Manager for Photometria for the project ‘Frames of European Common Life’ Grundtvig Educational Partnerships

Coordinator at photography workshops and exhibition project «I MAKE» Community Initiative «INTERREG GREECE - ITALY 2007-2013".

International voluntary work camp "Remember!Act-Art " in Kommeno, Arta, for the "Europe for Citizens" project" “Places and words of Memory: yard and tools of citizenship” funded by the European Commission 

Video creation of Din Shuru project for Kinetika

Video creation of Yemanja project for Kinetika

Curated and participated the photography exhibitions exchange project between La Fototeca de Cuba and the Photography Circle of Athens, in Havana, Cuba and Athens, Greece.Contemporary Cuban Photography' 'La Nueva Fotografia Cubana* 8DetikaGallery '


2011 Thessaloniki, Greece

2000 St.Petersburg

“Spaces of femininity / Towards a new mapping”, the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki.

7th International Festival of Women's Photography RussianUnion of Art Photographers, and the A-ya Society.




2011 Larissa, Greece


Photography Tutor for DIEK (Vocational Training Institutes)

Photography Tutor for KADRO Photography Club of Filippiada

Workshop "Contemporary Greek Photography 'at the festival *PhotoAspects 2011* organized by the Photography Club of Larissa.

Tutor in Adult Education training programs in Art History, Art Photography in Preveza,Lefkada & Filippiada 



2008 -2016
















1984 -1986

Fellow 2016 START -Create Cultural Change A program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, conducted in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and the German Association of Sociocultural Centers.  

European Civilization, Greek Open University. 

Ed Kashi (VII) workshop “New Frontiers in the Art of Visual Storytelling,”AthensHousePhotograph

8th "Summer School in Anthropology, Ethnography and Comparative Folklore of the Balkans" 

Michael Ackermann workshop 'Half Life', Art/If/Act, Benaki Museum, Athens,

Adult Education Instructors' project 'Design and Implementation for distance education instructors and staff lifelong learning' from the Institute of Continuing Adult Education General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning. 

Workshops ‘Digital Video and Video Art’ with Professor School of Fine Arts in Cologne, Mischa Kuball, and Vincent Dieutre, director, Professor School FEMIS, organized by a partnership of the British Council,the French Institute of Thessaloniki, the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and Greek-Spanish Cultural Center Thessaloniki ‘Federico Garcia Lorca’. 

Creative Writing Workshop with author Andrea Mitsou. 

Shiatsu, European Shiatsu School (ESS), Athens. 

Final Cut Pro video editing software training, Hoxton Bibliotech, London. 

Making Magic from Everyday life: Documentary Making Seminar in City University of London. 

MA in Arts Management, City University of London. 

'Arts Policy and Management' seminar, the Institute of Cultural Studies of Europe and the Mediterranean in collaboration with the City University of London, Athens. 

3-year course on photography, NELE public school for photography, Athens. 

Seminar on documentary photography by Magnum photographer Nikos Economopoulos, Athens. 

Photography Seminar,‘The Photography Circle’ association of Photographers, Athens.  

Computer Graphic Design, an introduction to Animation through 3d Studio, seminar on ‘Paper’, Parsons Computer Graphics School, Athens. 

Fashion design, Veloudakis school, Athens

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