For more than two decades, Photini Papahatzi has developed a creative practice which combines photography, collage, video, installations and participatory projects. 

Photini Papahatzi is a cultural manager, an educator and an artist. Photini holds a Master in Arts Management, City University of London (2001) and a degree on European Civilization,Hellenic Open University (2016). She is a member of the Bosch Alumni Network, a Tandem-Turkey recipient (2015) and a fellow of START Create Cultural Change program (2016). She designs and implements socio-cultural projects based in the periphery of Greece since 2007 in collaboration with NGOs, artists, curators and local communities. She is a certified trainer in adult education with teaching experience in non-formal education. Since 2016 she organizes the project "Postcards from home"

Born in Athens, Greece. Lives and works between Preveza, Athens and the world.

For more information on her work, to get in touch or to just say hello, feel free to email.

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2019 Athens, Greece

2017 Thessaloniki, Greece

2016  Ioannina, Greece

2015 New York

2014 Athens, Greece

2014 Bitola, FYROMacedonia

2013 Athens, Greece

2013 Amfissa, Greece

2013 Athens, Greece

2012 Thessaloniki, Greece

2011 Moscow

2011 Thessaloniki, Greece

2011 Larissa, Greece

2004 London,UK

2005 Athens, Greece

2003 London,UK

2002 Berlin

2002 London,UK

2001 London,UK

2001 Thessaloniki

2001 Zagreb

2000 St.Petersburg

1998 Havana, Cuba

1997 Thessaloniki, Greece

1986 Thessaloniki, Greece

” The Provinces” platform photography exhibition at T.A.F.

"Home", main exhibition of 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art

"Home", Photometria festival, Ioannina.

"Of Human Bondage'', Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery, NY.

"The minimum structure", 'Romantso' cultural center, Athens.

 Lhi-Lna, Magaza Art Municipality Gallery, FYROMacedonia.

"Casa Amalia" Salon De Vortex, Athens.

"The transparency of sex" , The Old Hospital gallery, Amfissa.

4daysstand Queer Festival exhibition, EMBROS Theatre, Athens.

“Beyond the limits of the Gaze”, CACT, Thessaloniki.

“Intrior-ity”, 4th Moscow Biennale of contemporary Art, Moscow.

“Trafficking” "ActionField Kodra2011" ,Glass Pavilion, Thessaloniki.

'Short Stories', Photography Club of Larissa.Larissa.

‘Brazil , Living Traditions',  Gallery InsideSpace, Selfridges.

‘Women’s Monologues’, CulturalCentre ‘Melina Merkouri, Athens.

 ‘The Rape of Europe’, Luke &A Gallery,  London. 

"FotoBild Berlin 2002", Contemporary Photography Fair, Berlin.

'Yemanja', Touring UK exhibition: Isle of Wight, London, Canterbury.

'Ghost',  Inside Space gallery, London

'Cuba siempre', the Photography Centre of Thessaloniki.

“Woman’s Room - Woman’s View”,ULUPUH, Open Society Link Network 

'7th International Festival of Women's Photography'. 

“10 Greek Photographers”, La Fototeca de Cuba 

'Visions of light and life' ,Thessaloniki.

*B΄ Biennale of Young Designers of European Nations* collection ‘Moscow’, Thessaloniki .

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