Stranger in A Strange Land project
art show | performance art | live | party

Curation: Eleni Salvara, Christina Pantelatou, Effie Athanasodimitropoulou

On display: 14 – 19 of June 2019

LES ÉCARTÉS is a Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organisation based in Athens, Greece,
active in the fields of Culture and Education. It aims to protect, manage and promote the
work of contemporary artists and artisans with particular emphasis on those who are socially
isolated. The Organization offers opportunities for education, networking and inclusion in the
artistic community and the Greek society.

Stranger in A Strange Land project

Participating Artists: Basel Alshekh Ali, Elli Velliou, Apostolis Philipou, Yeganeh Ghasemi,
Margarita Goukou, Jameel Khan, Faisal Khodsuz, Aref Mohammadiyan, Ioanna Milopoulou,
Muhamad Nakam, Nasta OftheBeASTs, Photini Papahatzi, Tonia Ainot, Elias Sharifi, Nikos
Sarlis, Anne Rose Marie Tsitselis.

Stranger in A Strange Land project introduces the work of contemporary artists coming from different art fields (visual arts, music, performance art), proposing to the visitor a new  multifaceted experience, focused on the intercultural aspect. 

The project is the first public introduction of LES ÉCARTÉS  Organisation and a collaboration between artists of different  ethnicities (Greece, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan).

 The artists seek after the meaning of the term strange as an aftermath of the unfamiliar foreign. In Exodus, Moses fled to Madiam to escape Pharaoh’s wrath, describing himself as  Stranger in A Strange Land. Oedipus lived as a stranger in his homeland and as kinsman among strangers. The Greek refugees who fled to mainland Greece after the Asia Minor Catastrophe  were unwanted from the locals, feeling twice a stranger.

 The participants originating from various cultural backgrounds, having as a starting point the references above, will suggest their own perspective of the concept, presenting to the spectator the work that emerged though their mutual collaboration.

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