“Good in the hood” video

“Good in the’hood” is the video created during the workshop by Ursa Pikabu, Irina Stankovic and Photini Papahatzi 

Tani from Afghanistan, falafel from Palestine, Rog’s local activists, workers, immigrants and refugees, travelers and tourists: all compose the diversity of Trubarjeva str.. ‘The’ multicultural central street of Ljubljana is the theme of ”Good in the ‘hood”, a short video created by Ursa Pikabu, Irina Stankovic and Photini Papahatzi in the framework of the ‘Facing the Street’ training programme organised by APIS Institute / Zavod APIS

 1st Screening in the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana. 

 Socially engaged video production mentors: Romana Zajec and Yuliya Molina 

Video editing mentor: Borut Dolenec 

Producers: Romana Zajec, Ivana Stanojev, Borut Dolenc 

Project coordinator: Ivana Stanojev 

Production: APIS Institute

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