My Journey _Photography exhibition

I was a photo-therapy workshop leader in Petropoulakis refugee camp, in Filippiada in the framework of the art therapy program ART EMERGENCY, which was designed by AMAKA together with Mercy Corps.

In this framework we presented ‘My Journey’ an exhibition presenting the artistic work of young refugees who are staying at the Petropoulakis camp at Filippiada. 

They recount their life journey so far -their past, present and future- through photography, games, audio and visual approaches. 

The opening of the exhibition was held at the multi-purpose venue in Filippiada square, on Thursday, 14th July 2016 at 20:00, and run until Thursday 21st July 2016. 

The works of the young refugees compose a multisensory recounting of their journey from their home country, to today and to the open borders. Having Cavafy’s poem ‘Ithaca’ as their starting point, they artistically express what their own “Ithaca” means to them. What are the smells and emotions which characterized my home? What sounds do I remember from back then? Have I discovered any of these things in Greece, too? What are the different colors I passed on the journey from my country to Filippiada? What were the most intense dreams I have seen since I came here? What does ‘Greece’ mean to me? Am I the only one feeling depressed at the camp? What do I feel about the silence encompassing the river? With photography exercises, collages, painting and mapping, we attempted to answer the aforementioned questions and to capture each refugee’s personal experience. T

he works were created through creative Photography and Art therapy workshops which were implemented by the AMAKA team in collaboration with Mercy Corps, and they were taught by Dafni Kalafati, Andromachi Vrakatseli, and Photini Papahatzi. The whole venture is supported by the Photography Club of Filippiada. 

 The workshops held in Filippiada are part of a broader art therapy program ART EMERGENCY, which was designed by AMAKA together with Mercy Corps as an immediate answer to the refugee issue through the artistic process. The program has been implemented in other camps in northwestern Greece, at the reception center in Moria, Mytilene, and to different locations in Attica. The program’s results are expected to be presented in October, at a major art exhibition in Athens. 

 Opening: Thursday, 14th July, multi-purpose venue / Filippiada central square
Duration : 14/7- 21/7 2016
Exhibition Opening Hours: 19.0022.00 Organized by:
Τ: +30 2117801256

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