Postcards from home@Antiparos International Photo Festival 2018

Led by Photini Papahatzi

Workshop dates: July 8 – July 10, 2018

Times: Daily, 12.0017.00

Location: Antiparos Island 


“Postcards from home” will make its home for four days at Antiparos International Photography Festival for the first Cyclades edition of the summer workshop led by Photini Papahatzi.

The concept of home provides a framework for a wide variety of photographic studies. At a time when migration is a daily event globally, we are returning to the concept of home, and in particular of the hestia.

Where is home? What does home mean? What does it symbolize and how is it defined? What is the role that home can play in people’s lives? There is the home as an origin, as a natural environment, as the body itself, as the neighbourhood, the place, the country, the nation …

The participants in “Postcards from home” are invited to explore the concept of home from their own perspective: the familiar and the uncanny, nature as a home, a return to the ‘native’, the Aegean island, migration, return to the family home or the country, immigration, etc.  

The workshop sessions begin at 12 a.m. and last for five hours, allowing participants time to devote to their creative projects. During daytime or evening, participants will have the opportunity to get an insider’s view of the homes of Antiparos, should they wish to. 

The aim of the workshop is to share and discuss issues rising from participants’ projects and ideas, of both a theoretical and a technical nature. Photini encourages interdisciplinary approaches. Participantswill have the opportunity to collaborate in small groups or work on their own, to present their work on a daily basis, and get feedback.

 “Postcards fromhome” is an artistic community that uses the concept of home as a stimulus for reflection and creation. To find out more, see

Participant’s profile and submission of interest 

The workshop is addressed to photographers living in Greece or abroad, who want to bring new experiences from their stay at Antiparos into the creative process: anything from nature walks, getting acquainted with the place and its inhabitants, and visits to the local photographic archive and to family houses. 

Interested participants are encouraged to send an email to Photini Papahatzi with a statement of interest, a short statement of purpose and expectations, and a sample of their work (15-25 photographs in compressed zip or rar files). Please contact Photini at 

The workshop will be conducted in either Greek orEnglish, depending on the make-up of the group. Participants should have a working knowledge of English. 

Number of participants: 12 maximum 
Application submission period: end of June 


Once the quiet alternative to Paros, Antiparos is developing fast but is still a very attractive and picturesque Cycladic island.It is small; all distances can be covered on foot and there are relatively few cars.

To reach Antiparos, you need to go first to Paros and then either take the little boat from there (30 minutes), or take a bus to Pounda and then cross from there (10 minutes). 

To reach Paros you take the ferry from Piraeus.  AntiparosInternational Photography Festival offers a 30% discount to participants whobook with Blue Star Ferries. Please contact Photini for details.

There is a list of accommodation facilities (greatr camping huts or rooms) at special discounted prices for the workshop’s participants. Please contact for details.  

Antiparos International Photography Festival

To know more about Antiparos International PhotographyFestival please find attached a letter for the “Smallest Photography Festival in the world” by David Frazer Wray, artistic director of the Festival. 




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