1. Elevador at Yale University !

    2016-11-17 18:41:00 UTC
    Indie Photobook Library has been placed at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University. Here is the link to the announcement 

  2. Postcards from home

    2016-11-16 05:21:00 UTC
    What is HOME? Where do you feel like HOME and why? What do you miss? Is there an old photo, an object, a smell, that makes you feel at HOME?   Postcards from home© is an art community project, developed online and offline, that brings together local communities, refugees and artists…

  3. ‘Mapping a Trace’ now in english !

    2016-10-28 17:31:00 UTC
    ‘Mapping a Trace’ is a visual diary of the correspondence between Apostolis Artinos and Photini Papahatzi during the creation of ‘Home’ HOME_ArtProject, one of the Tandem Turkey 3rd round projects featuring lens based artists, focused on the forced migration and population exchanges between Turkey and Greece and documents the memory…

  4. The symptom 07/ Identifying loss

    2016-10-08 16:28:00 UTC
    “Ταυτοποιώντας την απώλεια”  The symptom projects group exhibition, The symptom 07/ Identifying loss, curated by Niki Papaspirou and Kostas Christopoulos,  took place the Old Hospital of Amfissa, 8 – 23.10.2016 Curated | Niki Papaspirou, Kostas Christopoulos In the identity formation process the concept of loss is a determining factor. Drawing…

  5. START_ Bosch fellowship

    2016-09-24 14:50:00 UTC
    Happy and proud to be a fellow of Robert Bosch Stiftung for the program START_Create Cultural Change.  This is the presentation of the programm and the fellows  and here is a mapping of the projects 

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