1. My Journey _Photography exhibition

    2016-06-13 19:58:00 UTC
    I was a photo-therapy workshop leader in Petropoulakis refugee camp, in Filippiada in the framework of the art therapy program ART EMERGENCY, which was designed by AMAKA together with Mercy Corps In this framework we presented ‘My Journey’ an exhibition presenting the artistic work of young refugees who are staying…

  2. Personal Narratives _KADRO’s exhibition

    2016-06-12 19:49:00 UTC
    I have been leading the photography workshops of Ka.Dro, photographic team of Filippiada. ‘Personal narratives’ was 2016’s annual photography exhibition Here is the catalogue  Στις ‘Προσωπικές Αφηγήσεις’ (Personal Narratives) οι  είκοσι πέντε συμμετέχοντες νέοι δημιουργοί  μας επιτρέπουν να μοιραστούμε στιγμές της ζωής τους, αντιπροσωπευτικά τους βιώματα αλλά και ιστορίες καθημερινότητας…

  3. HOME exhibition in Ioannina 2016

    2016-06-02 17:29:00 UTC
    The final exhibition of the HOME project took place during Photometria International Photography Festival in Ioannina during 2-30 June 2016 at the Municipal Gallery of Ioannina The exhibition opening was great! We have been mounting the exhibition till the last minute. There were many people that stayed for hours showing…

  4. HOME _Participants of Home project

    2015-11-10 18:27:00 UTC
    6 participants of the HOME project that are going to work with the renown Belgian visual storyteller Jan Rosseel are now confirmed Eva Voutsaki (GR)Dimitris Rapakousis (GR)Korhan Karaoysal (TR)Lila Zotou (GR)Neslihan Koyuncu (TR)Selen Tuğrul (TR) We want to say a big thank you to all applicants who shared their precious…

  5. HOME Open call for lens-based artists !

    2015-10-01 17:04:00 UTC
    HOME is an art project organized by Ka Atelier (TR) and Entefxis-Photometria Festival (GR) in the framework of TANDEM TURKEY-EU Programme. The programme aims at establishing long-term partnerships between cultural organisations from Turkey and the EU countries. It is targeted on engaging participants in an intense international collaboration process, which…

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