1. It’s been a wonderful TANDEM year 2015-6

    28 Aug 2016
    As I am heading to Berlin I would like to say that I am very grateful for this year of TANDEM project. I am sad that is ending…  Here are some photos from the final meeting and the network meeting of TANDEM in Berlin, August 2016.

  2. “Good in the hood” video

    31 Jul 2016
    “Good in the’hood” is the video created during the workshop by Ursa Pikabu, Irina Stankovic and Photini Papahatzi  Tani from Afghanistan, falafel from Palestine, Rog’s local activists, workers, immigrants and refugees, travelers and tourists: all compose the diversity of Trubarjeva str.. ‘The’ multicultural central street of Ljubljana is the theme…

  3. Facing the Street training _Slovenia 2016

    31 Jul 2016
    In July 2016 APIS Institute implemented a training course for youth workers working with vulnerable groups.  24 youth workers from 8 countries and 10 organizations joined  for a week long training course on socially engaged video and photography course in Ljubljana.  “Good in the’hood” is the video created during the…

  4. My Journey _Photography exhibition

    13 Jun 2016
    I was a photo-therapy workshop leader in Petropoulakis refugee camp, in Filippiada in the framework of the art therapy program ART EMERGENCY, which was designed by AMAKA together with Mercy Corps In this framework we presented ‘My Journey’ an exhibition presenting the artistic work of young refugees who are staying…

  5. Personal Narratives _KADRO’s exhibition

    12 Jun 2016
    I have been leading the photography workshops of Ka.Dro, photographic team of Filippiada. ‘Personal narratives’ was 2016’s annual photography exhibition Here is the catalogue  Στις ‘Προσωπικές Αφηγήσεις’ (Personal Narratives) οι  είκοσι πέντε συμμετέχοντες νέοι δημιουργοί  μας επιτρέπουν να μοιραστούμε στιγμές της ζωής τους, αντιπροσωπευτικά τους βιώματα αλλά και ιστορίες καθημερινότητας…

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